2,000 years
of European history,
in one city

Martin Bradley is an English Guide in Vienna.

I am a licensed tour guide, a native English speaker from England who has lived in Vienna for over thirty years. Since 2015 I offer guided tours in and around the city, in English.

Not in Vienna
Martin Bradley
Licensed tour guide
Certified travel guide
Vienna, Austria
Summer, 2023

The Kammergarten, Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna


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"As an Englishman does not travel to see Englishmen,
I retired to my room."

Laurence Sterne
A Sentimental Journey (1768)

in Vienna

"This is what we should do . . .

Get off the train with me,
here in Vienna,
and come check out the town

Jesse (Ethan Hawke) is on a train to Vienna for a flight back to the USA. Celine (Julie Delpy) is on her way from Budapest to Paris. They get talking . . .

Film trailer
Vienna, 1995

Written by
Richard Linklater & Kim Krizan

Directed by
Richard Linklater

USA/Austria/Switzerland, 1995

in Vienna