2,000 years
of European history,
in one city

€ 120

The Two-Hour Tour

€ 160
Entrance fees not included *

Schloß Schönbrunn
Schönbrunn Palace

€ 120
Entrance fees not included *


The Imperial Treasury

Kunsthistorisches Museum
The Museum of Fine Arts

Sigmund Freud Haus
The Sigmund Freud Museum

€ 160

Vienna's main cemetery

Seven Squares
in Vienna

€ 40
Additional hours

These prices are net and no VAT will be added to the invoice. Certain categories of small business in Austria are exempt from paying VAT. (§6(1)27 UStG)

* Current museum entrance fees (January 2019)
Kaiserliche Schatzkammer (Adults: € 12)
Kunsthistorisches Museum (Adults: € 16)
Schloß Schönbrunn (Adults: € 14.00 - Special price for Highlight tour)
Sigmund Freud Haus (Adults: € 12.00)

Please also see my cancellation policy.


Cancellation Upto 14 days
before the tour
No cancellation fee
3-14 days
before the tour
50 %
Maximum 3 days
before the tour
100 %




If you are a
travel agency I can offer the following services:

Guided tours

Half-day tours
Full-day tours

My rates and
cancellation policy are aligned with current guidelines for tour guides working in Vienna as set down by the Association of Licensed Guides of Vienna.

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